Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Blazer

There are two distinct varieties of blazer, the double breasted and the single breasted. The double breasted is commonly navy blue with gilded brass buttons and three pockets and flaps, with the exception of the breast pocket, also known as the reefer jacket. Whilst the single breasted blazer has three pockets traditionally without flaps and often an emblem on the breast pocket.
The term 'blazer' has several origins, the most popular of which comes from the frigate HMS Blazer where in 1837 Queen Victoria was going to visit the ship. The captain noticing how scruffy the crew looked, made a jacket for himself and his crew. When Queen Victoria saw them, she was so impressed with the uniform that she made it compulsory for the rest of the navy to wear similar jackets. 

The club jacket was called the blazer either because the club crest was emblazoned onto the breast pocket, or other theory is that The Lady Margaret Boat Club in 1825 had bright red jackets that blazed. 

They were popular for sporting events in the 1900s, were they were then taken up by schools as part of their uniform.

In the 1960's they were adopted by Mods. Then in the 1970's they were worn again by Mods during the Mod revival. Punks also took them up at this point.


  1. Interesting timing, Mr Brook. RIP Tony Curtis.

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