Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Cravat

Terry Thomas
The cravat is possibly one of the most stereotyped pieces of clothing, automatically associated with playboy billionaires on yachts, cads or dandies. However this article of clothing has been around long before these stereotypes existed. 

'A cravate, a pipe and a robe define a man's
elegance.' Clark Gable
The cravat is of Croatian origin, it was part of the Croatian military uniform. The word cravat comes from the word Hrvat meaning Croat a native of Croatia. 

The French took it up in the 1630's during the 30 years war, when Croatian mercenaries joined the French army it soon grew popular throughout Europe. 

'A well knotted cravat is the first
serious step into a man's life.' 
Oscar Wild
On King Charles II's return from exile in 1660 he introduced to Britain what was then the height of fashion in Europe. The cravat lost its popularity in the late 1600's but returned in the 1770's with the Macaronis' arrival and remained popular, although varying dramatically in style until the 1970's. 

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