Friday, 13 May 2011


Norman Rockwell's Sunday Morning

The pyjamas (or pajamas) are timeless nightwear that first evolved into the pyjamas (or pajamas) that we know today in the 1930's when trousers were introduced to the affair. Before that men slept in long nightshirts. 

Cary Grant in The Awful Truth wearing a nightshirt
The word 'pyjama' originates from the Persian word 'Pae jamah' a garment used to cover feet or legs as Middle Eastern daywear. They were brought back to Britain by colonials as a sleeping garment.

Morecambe and Wise in bed

Morecambe and Wise Breakfast Sketch

In the 21st century Derek Rose remains the leading manufacturer of classic pyjamas. Now pyjamas are dying out due to the growing popularity of tee shirts as nightwear. 

Laurel and Hardy in evening atire 


  1. Anonymous14/5/11

    Brilliant Blog, I haven't slept since I read your Blog. Seriously. I love it, please don't stop blogging or I will take my life.

  2. As it happens pyjamas are on the rise again of late. Several department stores that seemed to me to have stopped stocking them (or stopped stocking anything but a basic model) have started stocking them again.

    Now I don't know if that's the Don Draper effect (when was the last time we saw a man regularly in pyjamas?) or what, but it's there. On another blog I saw someone chided for having a pair made up, but it seems to me that of all garments you'd want these to fit and be comfortable.